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We are India's leading ARD manufacturer, supplier, and dealer. Our products are made at our vendor's facility utilizing high-quality components and cutting-edge procedures in accordance with industry standards. In the event of a power outage, this optional component performs an automated emergency run. Find the best manufacturer of a variety of items, like Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) panels, here.

In the event of a power outage or failure, an elevator rescue device (ARD) is fitted to prevent passengers from becoming trapped in the lift car. In the case of a power outage, this Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) activates and, using the battery backup, moves and stops the lift at the nearest floor before opening the lift door and opening the doors once the safety conditions have been checked.

Because the ARD board is powered by batteries, it may be trusted because there will be no power fluctuations. The ARD lift is a necessary component of any passenger lift, whether in a residential structure, a hospital, a hotel, or a shopping mall. Passengers do not need to be concerned in such scenarios because the lift will open on the left.

ABP Power Solution Pvt. Ltd. specializes in supplying one-of-a-kind goods, such as the UPS of the ARD System, to a variety of Indian and worldwide businesses. ABP products are available in a number of sizes. These items are widely utilized in a variety of sectors.

In the nutshell, any the event of a power outage, our auto rescue system is employed to save passengers. If the power breaks between floors, the auto rescue device brings the lift to the nearest floor and opens the door after ensuring safety precautions.

The following are the characteristics of our ARD :

• The process will begin in 3 seconds.

• Within 3 seconds of the arrival and opening of the gate, ARD will shut down once the floor is reached.

ARD manufacturer